Optimus Maximus

I remember seeing this years ago, and then mhjb linked to this some time back, but I just remembered it again today and thought I’d hunt it down and see how it’s going.

Due for release around December 2007 at a price of around US$1200, the Optimus Maximus is a keyboard with tiny OLED displays for each key surface.

So you can:

  • Change the typeface of your keyboard.
  • Watch the keys change from lower–case to upper–case as you press the ‘Shift’ key.
  • Change the language of your keyboard to, for example, Russian.
  • Load up a keyset for Adobe Photoshop, so all the keys for the keyboard shortcuts show their respective Photoshop icons.
  • Have a keyset for your favourite FPS so you get the grenade every time, instead of the occasional knife.
  • Gaze in awe at the array of colours sweeping the face of your keyboard as the ‘key-saver’ kicks in.

And other totally cool stuff that I’ve probably not even thought of yet.

As you can probably tell by the effort I’ve put into this post, I’m pretty excited about this. And I want one.

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