Beware the LogoMaid

I’m a long-time follower of Dan Cederholm, a top-class web designer from Massachusetts.

Dan has recently had his Simplebits logo stolen by quick-and-easy logo factory, Logomaid.

The full story unfolds here in the comments against the offending screenshot in Dan’s flickr account. It’s getting pretty long, but is well worth the read.

What’s more annoying than the rip-off itself is LogoMaid’s attitude. Paul Viluda of Vilords media, who administer LogoMaid, has not only refused to accept fault, he’s defending their actions, even accusing Dan of stealing the LogoMaid design. This is entirely unprofessional, and from what I gather, LogoMaid’s means of obtaining many of their logos, while not necessarily illegal in every case, appears to be unethical and weasley at best.

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