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The Mullet Strategy

Business up front; party in the back! (via kottke) This is kinda what has been done with

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JS vs. IE; round two.

So I learned (the hard way) that IE doesn’t like it when you create JS variables with the same name as the id of an element in the code. Thanks, Stuart.

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Irksome: Internet Explorer vs. JavaScript

So I’m coding a form and I want the user to be able to add more rows to it, if they wish. So when the user activates a control, I use JS to create some ‘input’ elements (including some radio … Continue reading

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Auckland Web Meetup

The Auckland Web Meetup was Thursday night and it was great! Some highlights: Sponno blending Mike’s iPhone. Another Mike’s Google Maplets Catching up with cool peoples. Tastiness. Such relevant, cutting-edge and pertinent presentations with great discussion, pizza and beer. The … Continue reading

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The Apple iPhone. In NZ. In my hand!

So we hire a new guy at work and on his first day (that’s today) he brings his Apple iPhone. Barely containing the drool, I had a quick play with it and took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

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