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First unlocked iPhone in New Zealand

sponno has unlocked his iPhone. He took delivery of the handset at lunchtime; was making calls on the Vodafone network before bedtime. Nice work, man! Update: Some photos.

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Jeff Croft: web standards vs. Web Standards

Jeff Croft has his head screwed on properly; I can’t find anything in this post of his that I don’t agree with.

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An unfortunate product name

I thought this was an attempt to be clever, but no, it’s an actual product name.

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The New Type

I followed a link to Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror and immediately realised that there was something different about this site. Calibri. I hadn’t noticed any web sites using the new suite of fonts that ship with Office 2007 until now. … Continue reading

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Tweetr 2.0

John has released Tweetr 2.0. Now with file transfer!

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Eric Meyer: The Veteran’s Charge

Eric Meyer gets (rigthtfully) hot under the collar. Hear, hear, I say.

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“You can’t hold back when it tastes that good, you’ve just gotta grab it and go. When it’s real taste with zero sugar, you get everything you want, forget about the other stuff. Feel the Fear and do it anyway. … Continue reading

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Well, there’s not been a lot going on here lately. Sorry about that. There’s plenty of goodness going on in other places, though: Mike is posting lots of good bits, Yahoo (whose YUI has been helping developers not think about … Continue reading

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