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iPhone watch have the 8GB Apple iPhone at $854, including GST. This unit comes as-is, not jailbreaked, not SIM unlocked and with no warranty that I can see. have the iPhone for $1199, including GST with a 12 month warranty. … Continue reading

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How I discovered ‘cloneNode’

So I was trying to copy all the <option></option> elements from one <select></select> element to another. I had a drop-down list of countries, and I wanted users to be able to select more than one country, so had a ‘Add … Continue reading

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Search engine ranking for particular keywords

I was recently asked if there is a way to find out where a site ranks in a search for particular keywords. I know that Google Webmaster Tools shows a table of queries that most often returned pages from your … Continue reading

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The Apple iPhone is getting cheaper in NZ

I’ve discovered that are selling 8GB iPhones for $799.00 (excl. GST and shipping). That’s nearly half the price of some other places: Parallel Imported are selling them for $1499.00.

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Is TradeMe being evil?

I’ve just been sent a link to this article that explains why TradeMe have banned the auction of iPhones. I think this is crap. Sure, it’s their service, so they can ban what they like, but in reality there … Continue reading

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Make the logo bigger!

Hear those clients/designers wailing on their guitars! Make the Logo Bigger (3.2MB .mp3)

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iPhone software SIM unlock: done.

Well, no more hardware hacks — you can now SIM-unlock your iPhone by software. Now who in their right mind would not want an iPhone?

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More WordPress title modification

Some time ago I wrote about re-working WordPress titles to make them easier to read, and more search engine-friendly. Since then I’ve done a bit more work on WordPress, and so I thought I’d share a few WordPress title modications … Continue reading

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Refurbished iPhones

So it looks like you can buy refurbished iPhones from Apple. (and here’s the 4GB). […thanks Cameron]

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Before I get started here I feel that I need to set the scene a little. I’m not a copy writer. I don’t have an Arts Degree in English Literature. I barely even passed School Certificate English. Through high school … Continue reading

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