Is TradeMe being evil?

I’ve just been sent a link to this article that explains why TradeMe have banned the auction of iPhones.

I think this is crap.

Sure, it’s their service, so they can ban what they like, but in reality there are many more products sold via TradeMe that have equal or greater fraud potential than iPhones.
By this reasoning, they should ban the sale of parallel imported GSM phones that aren’t available in NZ via Vodafone-affiliated resellers.

TradeMe FTL.

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Update 20/09/07:

The NZ Herald reports about this. They note that “…is not prepared to deny New Zealanders the chance to get their hands on the hot gadget, and are authenticating each auction individually…” Nice!

Here’s a page of search results for the Apple iPhone.

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4 Responses to Is TradeMe being evil?

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  2. So they are happy that selling scalped Warriors tickets is OK, but ban iphone sales?

    WTF trademe . . since when did you become the moral guardians of the web?

  3. Re sellmefree > remember that they they are part of the APN stable, so natually the NZ Herald will take this as an opportunity for some good PR for SMF

  4. robbie says: are much better for buying that kind of thing, they are cool, and there website is really nice

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