Search engine ranking for particular keywords

I was recently asked if there is a way to find out where a site ranks in a search for particular keywords.

I know that Google Webmaster Tools shows a table of queries that most often returned pages from your site, and the average (over the last seven days) top position for that query.

For example, here’s a bit of a screenshot of stats for this site taken from Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster Tools: search query ranking

Google Webmaster Tools has a bunch of other features as well:

  • it analyzes your robots.txt and allows you to test URLs against it
  • it lists all external and internal links to your site
  • it lists any crawl errors or unreachable URLs it finds
  • and a few other things as well

It really is a must-have for tweaking and optimising your site.

Also, SEOmoz has a fairly comprehensive range of SEO-related tools, many of which are free to use. Their Rank Checker requires you to register (it’s free) and allows you to perform up to five keyword checks per day against your chosen URL.

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3 Responses to Search engine ranking for particular keywords

  1. it doesn’t seem to give me the info i want .. i want to be able to know how i i would rank for a ‘Word”. which it doesn’t seem to do .. it only shows what people have searched for and it’s found resaults for ? it my mortgages site. the work mortgages it not listed in the view you have above ..( though for my page )

  2. We used SEOmoz Rank Checker but it is not precise. We are in USA Google on 1 page 1 place but SEOmoz Rank Checker said 3 page.

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