iPhone watch

toshcomputers.com have the 8GB Apple iPhone at $854, including GST. This unit comes as-is, not jailbreaked, not SIM unlocked and with no warranty that I can see.

parallelimported.co.nz have the iPhone for $1199, including GST with a 12 month warranty. This unit is ready to go on the Vodafone NZ network, and it seems that Parallel Imported will provide support for upgrading to future firmware releases.

There’s the odd unit that pops up on zillion.co.nz or sellmefree.co.nz, but they’re usually sold by people who haven’t seen the toshcomputers.com deal.

I’m still googling regularly for a WPA Enterprise hack/update/application for the iPhone.
I’ve found nothing as yet, although I do have a couple of leads to follow.

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  1. William Gibbons says:

    hey, im really keen on an iphone. parallel imprts my best bet???

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