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I am such a geek… :(

I went to get a coffee from the kitchenette at work this morning. After the coffee machine had served my coffee, its display read: ‘De-scale machine’. And so I thought to myself, “Perhaps it needs a few blades pulled out.” … Continue reading

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xkcd: the funniest webcomic. Ever.

One of my fellow Twitterers alerted me to this webcomic. This is only funny if you know what an SQL injection attack is, but if you do, it’s the funniest thing ever. I’d happened across xkcd before, but hadn’t really … Continue reading

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Quoted WordPress frustration

…from Dan Cederholm: “if you tell me again that this tag must be used inside The Loop, I will destroy you.” [via Twitter]

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IE: How to properly destroy your ‘select’ elements with innerHTML!

I know that some people, myself included, say that you’re not supposed to use innerHTML. And yet for expediency’s sake, I find myself using innerHTML. Problem I’ve got an AJAX request to a JSP page which in turn performs an … Continue reading

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How to replace an Apple iPod Mini battery

You might prefer to perform this delicate task in a quiet, well-lit environment with the correct tools, on a nice big flat work table. Rather than in 20 minutes on a poorly-lit, commuter-packed train on the way home from work … Continue reading

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