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Blue Beanie Day

In case you’re wondering what’s on my head today… Douglas Vos has inaugurated Blue Beanie Day Monday, November 26, 2007 is the day thousands of Standardistas (people who support web standards) will wear a Blue Beanie to show their support … Continue reading

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Frameworks. CSS and otherwise.

Jeff Croft hosts a hornets’ nest of a debate over the use (or not) of frameworks in web development. It may pay to first read his previous post on this topic. And probably Jeff’s article on frameworks that he wrote … Continue reading

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Mintshop? Mintchop?

Some canny chap has caught onto the Mintshot hype, and has bought up, and The video clip he’s showing is a bit of a laugh! Tricky stuff.

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Mark Ellis and crew have launched Mintshot this week. It’s a site that rewards Kiwis for interacting with their favourite brands. I’m interested to see how it goes – I’m kinda in two minds – there are some good prizes, … Continue reading

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Alexander Roy: The Driver

Those of you who know me even just a little bit will know that I’m something of a petrolhead. And that’s why when I stumbled across this Wired article by Charles Graeber, I was enthralled. I had to find out … Continue reading

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Analysing your site’s traffic with Crazy Egg

At work, we’re trying to get the most value from our site’s visitor statistics. We’ve been using both Nielsen//NetRatings and Google Analytics for a while now and these tools are great. Just a month or so ago, we added Crazy … Continue reading

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The last few weeks have been insane, but the fruit of that insanity is now up for all to see. Many hours battling XSL templates and wrestling with a particularly stubborn document management system have culminated in a new website … Continue reading

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