Mark Ellis and crew have launched Mintshot this week.
It’s a site that rewards Kiwis for interacting with their favourite brands.

I’m interested to see how it goes – I’m kinda in two minds – there are some good prizes, but do people really want to sit and deliberately watch advertisements?

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3 Responses to Mintshot

  1. Mintshop says:

    Change the channel while the ads are on and but something from Mintshop.

  2. Steve says:

    It’s not that painful watching the ads and there’s a limit to how many you can watch, so it’s not like you have to be some sad case watching ads all day to keep up.

    One thing though. A couple days ago I watched someone win 2 auctions with bids totalling around m$170,000. The thing is, at the time it was (and still is) impossible to have earned that much (and yes I am taking into account the “Play the People” game). Hopefully it’s just a bug, otherwise it’s a scam or someone has already found a way to cheat.

    For what it’s worth, the user name with all the cash was something like “devar” or “dewar”

  3. Bekz says:

    Totally agree with Steve……On the first day of the month where we all start at 100 m$. Once all the ‘earn its’ are done the max you can get is somehere like m$5,600 and then you must grow it.

    The thing is – that the system crashed and there was no ‘grow it’ games (or mintick items), but people had between m$17,000 and m$20,00 to place on bids… was the first day…..its not possible to have that much from “earn its”, and there was no “grow its”….what a scam I give up.

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