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End of support for Netscape browsers

AOL has announced that support for Netscape browsers will cease as at February 1st, 2008. This browser marque dominated IE for many years in the early days. Long live Mozilla 🙂

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Working through

Hope you all had a rad Christmas! It’s quiet in the office. Everyone else be holidaying whilst I be coding. Behold, my desk at work today: Yep. my desk is pimped out to the macs. I’m going down to Gisborne … Continue reading

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Getting Better, Faster

Stephen Caver in his post, Getting Better, pooh-poohs the idea that things can get better in leaps and bounds, but rather postulates that progress is incremental. With all due respect, (quite a bit of respect, actually, given Stephen is a … Continue reading

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Barcamp Auckland: Liveblogging.

I know everyone is twittering, but I thought I take a half-assed attempt at some live-blogging. We all found power sockets and introduced ourselves. A great crowd – this is going to be choice! Session One: The future of Web … Continue reading

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Charts and graphs and stuff

It’s funny how things come in droves. A good friend of mine has, over the years, written a few applications that require graphing. He has written them as VB applications and when I’ve suggested he make them as web-apps, one … Continue reading

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How to hack mintshot; the problems continue.

Here’s another post about mintshot hacks. I’m not sure what happened to the page I linked to the other day; it seems to be down. [Edit: Here’s the google cache of that page.] There are a few good lessons that … Continue reading

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Win millions of Mintshot dollars!!

Mintshot is a mess! Cheating, hacks, security flaws… Wow! I must say, I wasn’t overly impressed with Mintshot’s shoddy layouts and presentation, but I never thought it would be so crappy underneath!!

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