Barcamp Auckland: Liveblogging.

I know everyone is twittering, but I thought I take a half-assed attempt at some live-blogging.

We all found power sockets and introduced ourselves. A great crowd – this is going to be choice!

Session One: The future of Web Standards

First session I’m attending is Rob O’Callahan, Mozilla Corporation talking about the future of web standards.

  • Standards are necessary; balance of implementation/development.
  • Clean up existing standards. De facto vs. de jure : eg: innerHTML. Background of standards groups, etc.
  • Add new features. The open web needs to remain a competitive platform, eg. not closed flash, silverlight, etc. New stuff like SVG, video, etc.
  • WHATWG/HTML5. <video> vs. <object> client-side SQL, offline stuff, browser registration as protocol handlers. HTML5 spec
  • Video. Ogg Theora. Standards should be open.
  • ES4. What is ES4? Ah… ECMAScript; The proper name for JavaScript. Too much change, too fast? Incremental vs. complete overhaul?
  • Politics.
  • Your needs.

Development environments: ActiveState Komodo IDE, built on XULRunner. Aptana.

Morning tea = tasty muffins and sausage rolls with open sauce.

Session Two: Sending Spam

Simon Lyall.

  • InternetNZ Spam Code of Practice
  • Friend-get-friend. Overly legislated – most companies are dropping friend-get-friend just in case.
  • Test your email across a number of ISP before you send it.
  • IP reputation, Customer ranking (‘Mark as spam’), SPF, Domain keys

Session Three: DIY CSS Frameworks: CSS Design Patterns

Darren Wood (go, microformats!)

  • Blueprint, etc.
  • Reset your CSS
  • Set up some default styles
  • Set up styles for accessibility
  • font-size:62.5% = 10px or thereabouts, so then 1.2em = approx 12px, etc.
  • John Oxton’s scalable logos.
  • Pros and cons of large corporates with supplied/mandated markup/CSS; it’s tough having to implement crappy code, but conversely, you have the benefit of code handed to you on a plate.

Cheers, Darren.


Session Four: Spaghetti or Meatball?

How to design this barcamp t-shirt.

  • Designing before the fact, not after.
  • Freehand over Illustrator.
  • It’s a wear-again shirt; not your average conference t-shirt.

Much of Matt’s presentation was too tricky to type up – thought processes, rationalising, influences, feedback from others, etc.

Session Five: Charles

Karl von Randow tells us all about Charles.

  • Developing and marketing software.
  • Shareware: time is precious for developers, so there’d be a willingness to pay to remove the 30-minute time limit, etc. If you’re not using it enough to be annoyed by the time-out and the nag-screens, then you’re not using it enough to warrant purchasing it.
  • Development driven largely by user feedback/requests.
  • Leaving Charles running for your everyday HTTP requests means you see all sorts of interesting things; e.g. how to hack Mintshot.
  • Bandwidth throttling

Session Six: Demos!

Some short demonstrations of cool stuff!

  • Simon Lyall demos the Asus eee.
  • Mark Derricutt demos some DB migration Java classes.
  • Jeff demos the Mukuna gig guide changes since the last Auckland Web Meetup.
  • Demo of Vidavee’s WordPress plugin. This is worth checking out.
  • Robert O’Callahan demos in-page OpenGL 3D. Browser talks directly to the GPU – it’s really fast!
  • Karl stands up and says iPhones are cool.
  • Lugwig – the man himself – shows us an app he built: NCEA tracker.

Well, this has been barcamp – thanks everyone – it was great!

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  1. …also live stalking the same session.

  2. Ben Lilley says:

    Good work on the live blogging except the annoying typing noise next to me 😛

  3. robbie says:

    live blogging is lame

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