Vodafone Webmaster, Job Applications

So I’ve been reading through applications for the role of Webmaster at Vodafone.

If I might offer some advice:

Write a cover-letter

You won’t even get a first interview unless a) you have a basic understanding of the role, and b) you can show us that you really really want the job.
We need to know you have a passion for the web.

Tailor your CV

…especially if you’re not going to write a cover-letter! We need to see evidence from your current skills and experience that this role as Webmaster at Vodafone is a suitable and natural progression for your career.

After all, this is could be your next job. Show us some enthusiasm!

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2 Responses to Vodafone Webmaster, Job Applications

  1. c) No air hockey skills, no interview

    C’mon peeps, get it together!

  2. Keri Henare says:

    Damn-it! I’ve just found my e-soulmate and you’re heading to Switzerland. Just found your blog via Seek.co.nz. You’ve mentioned some of my favourite web design personalities whose sites I visit daily. Jeff Croft, Cameron Moll & Dan Cederholm (my favourite web designer). I’m also a big fan of Shaun Inman but he doesn’t blog very often these days.

    Sounds like a really cool job.

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