I’m still alive

Sorry – twoseven.co.nz has been off the air for a bit.

I finished up at Vodafone NZ on the 7th of May; flew to Hong Kong on the 9th; on to Zürich on the 11th; job interview on the 12th, and job offer on the 13th. It’s been a busy week.
With a final contract yet to be received and signed, it looks like I will become an employee of Liip AG, starting the beginning of June.

So, I’m settling down in Switzerland.
I have a sunrise prepaid mobile connection for my shiny new Nokia E90: +41 076 701 9638 , I bought a Linksys wireless access point with which to share the internet connection where I am staying.

In enjoying the E90, here are some awesome mobile applications that I’ve discovered:

So, it’s been a hectic time. I’ve now got a couple of weeks to get out and about in Switzerland, to go see some sights, and do touristy stuff before I start work.

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3 Responses to I’m still alive

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, congratulations on the new job! That sure happened fast, and must be a great relief too 😉
    I am curious though… why no iPhone?!

  2. robbie says:

    so whats your internet speed over there??

  3. robbie says:

    also i ditto mike, “why no iPhone?!”

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