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Goodbye .clearfix, old friend.

You all know the old ‘floated elements inside a container cause the container to collapse’ problem? Well, up until recently, I’d always just called on an old friend, .clearfix, and he’d sorted it out for me. I met .clearfix three … Continue reading

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World’s first ten iPhone 3G owners

Queued outside Vodafone’s Queen St, Auckland, store. Hi John and Ben!

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Vodafone New Zealand release iPhone pricing and details

See the Vodafone New Zealand website. And wow, the reaction has been nothing less than scathing across the board! I think I saw perhaps one positive tweet, but otherwise there was lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Cost to … Continue reading

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The ASP.NET MVC framework

Jake Scott commented on my previous post and drew my attention to the ASP.NET MVC framework. Now that Jake mentions it, I do recall hearing something about an ASP.NET MVC framework a while ago. While this looks like a great … Continue reading

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Does developing in .aspx produce bloated code?

This started out as a comment in response to Robbie’s question on my previous post, but thought I’d turn it into another post: So is it that they are written in aspx which makes them bloated?. Well, I guess that’s … Continue reading

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Web site performance

Last week I read Steve Souders’ High Performance Web Sites. While I already have a fairly good understanding of site performance, having completed a fairly extensive performance analysis of a few years ago and being familiar with Yahoo!’s YSlow … Continue reading

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