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Empowered to say ‘No’

Seth Godin writes in his post License to stall about business-to-business sales. He explains that the majority of people you encounter are empowered to stall, to say ‘No’, since they are easier to train and are safer. The reason this … Continue reading

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Doug Bowman is an outstanding web designer

…who was, until recently, Visual Design Lead at Google. He now works for Twitter. It saddens me to see so many people knocking Doug for the less-than-inspiring design work found in many of Google’s products. Take this Gawker / Valleywag … Continue reading

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Making 2 million a year from blogging. Without ads.

Read it here.

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Sunspider JavaScript benchmarking

I’ve had a blog post in draft for ages, but this isn’t it. The draft post has extensive tables of stats that lie half-finished, but it was getting a bit out-of-hand, so here’s a very abridged version. The post looked … Continue reading

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Google Chrome

Google have today released their new web browser, Google Chrome, in beta. Man is it fast!!!! I’ve been using it this evening and it really flies. While it supposedly uses more memory than other browsers, this use of extra memory … Continue reading

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Goodbye .clearfix, old friend.

You all know the old ‘floated elements inside a container cause the container to collapse’ problem? Well, up until recently, I’d always just called on an old friend, .clearfix, and he’d sorted it out for me. I met .clearfix three … Continue reading

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World’s first ten iPhone 3G owners

Queued outside Vodafone’s Queen St, Auckland, store. Hi John and Ben!

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Vodafone New Zealand release iPhone pricing and details

See the Vodafone New Zealand website. And wow, the reaction has been nothing less than scathing across the board! I think I saw perhaps one positive tweet, but otherwise there was lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Cost to … Continue reading

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The ASP.NET MVC framework

Jake Scott commented on my previous post and drew my attention to the ASP.NET MVC framework. Now that Jake mentions it, I do recall hearing something about an ASP.NET MVC framework a while ago. While this looks like a great … Continue reading

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Does developing in .aspx produce bloated code?

This started out as a comment in response to Robbie’s question on my previous post, but thought I’d turn it into another post: So is it that they are written in aspx which makes them bloated?. Well, I guess that’s … Continue reading

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