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Analysing your site’s traffic with Crazy Egg

At work, we’re trying to get the most value from our site’s visitor statistics. We’ve been using both Nielsen//NetRatings and Google Analytics for a while now and these tools are great. Just a month or so ago, we added Crazy … Continue reading

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Make the logo bigger!

Hear those clients/designers wailing on their guitars! Make the Logo Bigger (3.2MB .mp3)

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The New Type

I followed a link to Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror and immediately realised that there was something different about this site. Calibri. I hadn’t noticed any web sites using the new suite of fonts that ship with Office 2007 until now. … Continue reading

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“You can’t hold back when it tastes that good, you’ve just gotta grab it and go. When it’s real taste with zero sugar, you get everything you want, forget about the other stuff. Feel the Fear and do it anyway. … Continue reading

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The Apple iPhone. In NZ. In my hand!

So we hire a new guy at work and on his first day (that’s today) he brings his Apple iPhone. Barely containing the drool, I had a quick play with it and took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Social Networking

So I thought I’d figure out how many social networking applications I had accounts with. I was surprised when I saw just how many I was signed up to. Virb° The best layout/presentation/customisation by far. Profile customisation is amazing &emdash; … Continue reading

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HTML Emails

Jeffery Zeldman writes that email is not a platform for design. I totally agree, and am pleased that someone with clout is saying so. I know I’m more developer than designer, the medium that is email was never intended to … Continue reading

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New Sneak

This is a bit late, but Mike has redesigned. Simpler, and very nice. The woodgrain background is hot. The Georgia looks good too.

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So I think I’m going to rebuild/redesign/relaunch this site on Symphony. Sorry WordPress.

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No reboot

Alas, I’ve not got anything ready for the May 1st Reboot. My sincerest apologies; work has been busy. Off-the-hook busy. So I’ll do something quicker and easier and not-at-all like redesigning my site. My toolbox. At the risk of starting … Continue reading

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