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Wondering why this page looks a little spartan today? That’s because it’s CSS Naked Day!!! Go check out other nakedness! Update: It’s no longer the 5th of April; clothes are back on.

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TheyWorkForYou Sparklines is a great resource; it is “a volunteer-run website that aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on the activity of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Parliament.” It’s a really well-built site, and I’ve just discovered/noticed today that … Continue reading

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Let’s get naked!

April the 5th is CSS Naked Day, so is going to get naked. Admittedly, this is kinda pointless, since uses a standard WordPress template, and so you won’t expect to discover anything remarkable once the ClotheSS come off, … Continue reading

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Links: A Wire frame car and some Lego weapons

A wire-frame Subaru Impreza. So so awesome. Oh, and some Lego firearms.

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Development site

For your viewing pleasure, I’m going to be working on my redesign for the May 1st Reboot at

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Beware the LogoMaid

I’m a long-time follower of Dan Cederholm, a top-class web designer from Massachusetts. Dan has recently had his Simplebits logo stolen by quick-and-easy logo factory, Logomaid. The full story unfolds here in the comments against the offending screenshot in Dan’s … Continue reading

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Optimus Maximus

I remember seeing this years ago, and then mhjb linked to this some time back, but I just remembered it again today and thought I’d hunt it down and see how it’s going. Due for release around December 2007 at … Continue reading

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May 1st Reboot

I’ve registered for the May 1st Reboot. I better get my self into gear and whip up some sort of a design for this baby. Anyone else want to join in?

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I saw some of Scott Hansen‘s work a while back but it’s been doing the rounds again so thought I’d follow suit and give it some props. Check out his work; he designs for print, for the web, clothing, and … Continue reading

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