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Refurbished iPhones

So it looks like you can buy refurbished iPhones from Apple. (and here’s the 4GB). […thanks Cameron]

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Unlocked iPhones on sale in New Zealand

Ken from Parallel Imported Ltd tells me that they’ll be selling unlocked iPhones that work on the Vodafone network as of this Monday! I’ll be watching their site; you should be too!

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Another unlocked iPhone

Another friend of mine has bravely unlocked his iPhone using the hardware hack. It’s now working on the Vodafone NZ network. What blew me away was the Installer application that allows you to download and install various packages on a … Continue reading

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First unlocked iPhone in New Zealand

sponno has unlocked his iPhone. He took delivery of the handset at lunchtime; was making calls on the Vodafone network before bedtime. Nice work, man! Update: Some photos.

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An unfortunate product name

I thought this was an attempt to be clever, but no, it’s an actual product name.

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The Apple iPhone. In NZ. In my hand!

So we hire a new guy at work and on his first day (that’s today) he brings his Apple iPhone. Barely containing the drool, I had a quick play with it and took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Links: A Wire frame car and some Lego weapons

A wire-frame Subaru Impreza. So so awesome. Oh, and some Lego firearms.

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Optimus Maximus

I remember seeing this years ago, and then mhjb linked to this some time back, but I just remembered it again today and thought I’d hunt it down and see how it’s going. Due for release around December 2007 at … Continue reading

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