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Pears: Create your own pattern library

At work, we have what we call our module library, which is an interface with which to browse (and edit) the snippets of code and style (we call them modules) that we use to make up our site. They’re not … Continue reading

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Redesigning a corporate web environment

The Challenge I’ve got this friend who is responsible for a corporate front-end web environment with almost a dozen browser-facing web applications. Pretty much all he can do at the moment is change static content in the antiquated and wildly … Continue reading

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Analysing your site’s traffic with Crazy Egg

At work, we’re trying to get the most value from our site’s visitor statistics. We’ve been using both Nielsen//NetRatings and Google Analytics for a while now and these tools are great. Just a month or so ago, we added Crazy … Continue reading

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The New Type

I followed a link to Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror and immediately realised that there was something different about this site. Calibri. I hadn’t noticed any web sites using the new suite of fonts that ship with Office 2007 until now. … Continue reading

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Eric Meyer: The Veteran’s Charge

Eric Meyer gets (rigthtfully) hot under the collar. Hear, hear, I say.

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Irksome: Internet Explorer vs. JavaScript

So I’m coding a form and I want the user to be able to add more rows to it, if they wish. So when the user activates a control, I use JS to create some ‘input’ elements (including some radio … Continue reading

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The Apple iPhone. In NZ. In my hand!

So we hire a new guy at work and on his first day (that’s today) he brings his Apple iPhone. Barely containing the drool, I had a quick play with it and took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Social Networking

So I thought I’d figure out how many social networking applications I had accounts with. I was surprised when I saw just how many I was signed up to. Virb° The best layout/presentation/customisation by far. Profile customisation is amazing &emdash; … Continue reading

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HTML Emails

Jeffery Zeldman writes that email is not a platform for design. I totally agree, and am pleased that someone with clout is saying so. I know I’m more developer than designer, the medium that is email was never intended to … Continue reading

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From the train

I’m writing this post on my mobile phone as I’m commuting to work on the train. I must say that the WordPress interface could look/work better on this small screen. My phone usually carks it when I log in to … Continue reading

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