Best of Swiss Web 2011

A big congratulations to my good friends at L//P for absolutely pwning the Best of Swiss Web awards, yet again!

Three gold, three silver, and two bronze, but also taking the title of Master of Swiss Web 2011 for Migipedia!

Brilliant work, guys! And keep up the good work!!

Catch the noise on Twitter (#bosw)

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3 Responses to Best of Swiss Web 2011

  1. Chregu says:

    Thanks for the congratulations from the other side of the world. Very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Tree care says:

    I hope that there are still updates here. I mean, the blogs are good though.
    But still glad I’m able to freely read the previous blogs.

    Frey K.

  3. Dante says:

    How about two seven? Haven’t seen update for a while now.

    Ou url:

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