Pears: Create your own pattern library

At work, we have what we call our module library, which is an interface with which to browse (and edit) the snippets of code and style (we call them modules) that we use to make up our site. They’re not templates, as such, but rather starting points for the blocks with which we build our pages.

Dan Cederhom of Simplebits has just announced his release of a WordPress theme that you can use to create your own pattern library.

It’s called Pears.

He’s hosting it on github, so you can tweak/improve it as you will.

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2 Responses to Pears: Create your own pattern library

  1. The improvement on making your own pattern library increased overtime. Love the new designs and ideas. Pretty exciting isn’t it.

  2. Kliery says:

    Minimalist ideas are great too!


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