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Pears: Create your own pattern library

At work, we have what we call our module library, which is an interface with which to browse (and edit) the snippets of code and style (we call them modules) that we use to make up our site. They’re not … Continue reading

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The New.

WordPress 2.5 is! Check it out now.

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Quoted WordPress frustration

…from Dan Cederholm: “if you tell me again that this tag must be used inside The Loop, I will destroy you.” [via Twitter]

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More WordPress title modification

Some time ago I wrote about re-working WordPress titles to make them easier to read, and more search engine-friendly. Since then I’ve done a bit more work on WordPress, and so I thought I’d share a few WordPress title modications … Continue reading

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WordPress category names and SEO: fixing a typo

The problem So you’ve made a typo in your WordPress category. It’s easy to log in to your WordPress administration site and correct the category name, right? Yep, but that’s only half the job done;

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WordPress titles

So there’s problems with the default WordPress page titles; Descuentos the display order, and the separator. We’re going to take a look at those problems post – why are they problems? – and we’ll examine some solutions.

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