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Wheedle: What went wrong?

I know it’s been a while since I last posted here, but let’s just move past that for now, and get to the bit where I talk about… Wheedle Last week I managed, by chance, to get a sneak peek … Continue reading

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Best of Swiss Web 2011

A big congratulations to my good friends at L//P for absolutely pwning the Best of Swiss Web awards, yet again! Three gold, three silver, and two bronze, but also taking the title of Master of Swiss Web 2011 for Migipedia! … Continue reading

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Don’t make me steal

If you like to watch movies and TV series’ on demand; if you want to watch them whenever and wherever you want; if you’re frustrated with advertisements and anti-piracy messages when you hire DVDs and go to the cinema; if … Continue reading

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A year or so ago, started charging for their service. I was pretty gutted, since I had been listening to radio pretty much all day. Sure, it’s okay to charge something for a decent service—and is very … Continue reading

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Redesigning a corporate web environment

The Challenge I’ve got this friend who is responsible for a corporate front-end web environment with almost a dozen browser-facing web applications. Pretty much all he can do at the moment is change static content in the antiquated and wildly … Continue reading

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An update

It’s been a while since my last post. During that while, I’ve returned reluctantly to New Zealand from an incredible 12 months in Switzerland. I was working for an outstanding company (Best Of Swiss Web 2009) on some outstanding projects. … Continue reading

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Empowered to say ‘No’

Seth Godin writes in his post License to stall about business-to-business sales. He explains that the majority of people you encounter are empowered to stall, to say ‘No’, since they are easier to train and are safer. The reason this … Continue reading

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Doug Bowman is an outstanding web designer

…who was, until recently, Visual Design Lead at Google. He now works for Twitter. It saddens me to see so many people knocking Doug for the less-than-inspiring design work found in many of Google’s products. Take this Gawker / Valleywag … Continue reading

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Making 2 million a year from blogging. Without ads.

Read it here.

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Sunspider JavaScript benchmarking

I’ve had a blog post in draft for ages, but this isn’t it. The draft post has extensive tables of stats that lie half-finished, but it was getting a bit out-of-hand, so here’s a very abridged version. The post looked … Continue reading

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