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Win millions of Mintshot dollars!!

Mintshot is a mess! Cheating, hacks, security flaws… Wow! I must say, I wasn’t overly impressed with Mintshot’s shoddy layouts and presentation, but I never thought it would be so crappy underneath!!

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Frameworks. CSS and otherwise.

Jeff Croft hosts a hornets’ nest of a debate over the use (or not) of frameworks in web development. It may pay to first read his previous post on this topic. And probably Jeff’s article on frameworks that he wrote … Continue reading

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The last few weeks have been insane, but the fruit of that insanity is now up for all to see. Many hours battling XSL templates and wrestling with a particularly stubborn document management system have culminated in a new website … Continue reading

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IE: How to properly destroy your ‘select’ elements with innerHTML!

I know that some people, myself included, say that you’re not supposed to use innerHTML. And yet for expediency’s sake, I find myself using innerHTML. Problem I’ve got an AJAX request to a JSP page which in turn performs an … Continue reading

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How I discovered ‘cloneNode’

So I was trying to copy all the <option></option> elements from one <select></select> element to another. I had a drop-down list of countries, and I wanted users to be able to select more than one country, so had a ‘Add … Continue reading

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More WordPress title modification

Some time ago I wrote about re-working WordPress titles to make them easier to read, and more search engine-friendly. Since then I’ve done a bit more work on WordPress, and so I thought I’d share a few WordPress title modications … Continue reading

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WordPress category names and SEO: fixing a typo

The problem So you’ve made a typo in your WordPress category. It’s easy to log in to your WordPress administration site and correct the category name, right? Yep, but that’s only half the job done;

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JS vs. IE; round two.

So I learned (the hard way) that IE doesn’t like it when you create JS variables with the same name as the id of an element in the code. Thanks, Stuart.

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Irksome: Internet Explorer vs. JavaScript

So I’m coding a form and I want the user to be able to add more rows to it, if they wish. So when the user activates a control, I use JS to create some ‘input’ elements (including some radio … Continue reading

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