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Analysing your site’s traffic with Crazy Egg

At work, we’re trying to get the most value from our site’s visitor statistics. We’ve been using both Nielsen//NetRatings and Google Analytics for a while now and these tools are great. Just a month or so ago, we added Crazy … Continue reading

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How to replace an Apple iPod Mini battery

You might prefer to perform this delicate task in a quiet, well-lit environment with the correct tools, on a nice big flat work table. Rather than in 20 minutes on a poorly-lit, commuter-packed train on the way home from work … Continue reading

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Search engine ranking for particular keywords

I was recently asked if there is a way to find out where a site ranks in a search for particular keywords. I know that Google Webmaster Tools shows a table of queries that most often returned pages from your … Continue reading

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Another unlocked iPhone

Another friend of mine has bravely unlocked his iPhone using the hardware hack. It’s now working on the Vodafone NZ network. What blew me away was the Installer application that allows you to download and install various packages on a … Continue reading

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Tweetr 2.0

John has released Tweetr 2.0. Now with file transfer!

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Well, there’s not been a lot going on here lately. Sorry about that. There’s plenty of goodness going on in other places, though: Mike is posting lots of good bits, Yahoo (whose YUI has been helping developers not think about … Continue reading

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Social Networking

So I thought I’d figure out how many social networking applications I had accounts with. I was surprised when I saw just how many I was signed up to. Virb° The best layout/presentation/customisation by far. Profile customisation is amazing &emdash; … Continue reading

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So I think I’m going to rebuild/redesign/relaunch this site on Symphony. Sorry WordPress.

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No reboot

Alas, I’ve not got anything ready for the May 1st Reboot. My sincerest apologies; work has been busy. Off-the-hook busy. So I’ll do something quicker and easier and not-at-all like redesigning my site. My toolbox. At the risk of starting … Continue reading

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